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1. Registration

The first step that you have to do for partnership is to create an account. Through it you can manage your investments and see all movements. We tried to maximally facilitate registration process and save your time.

2. Make deposit

Now, when you have an account, you are ready to start work. Choose the most appropriate for you plan and make your first deposit. You always can add funds on this or other plan.

3. Get profit

Just wait a little and find new money on your account. You do not need to participate in trading – just receive your well-deserved interest. You can withdraw money instantly using our payment methods.

3. Invite friens

The last thing you can do it to share your success with friends. It is always pleasant to tell about small and big wins. Moreover, you can receive additional income because of our referral program up to 50%.

Our Plans

Choose the plan that suits your financial ability. We will bring you profit with minimal risk
+200% Hourly
in 24 Hours
  • Min/Max deposit today $0.10 - $5000.00
  • The next limit amount: $0.10 - 10000.00$
  • Commisson 50%-10%
  • Fee: 0%
  • Withdraw: Instant
+450% Hourly
in 48 Hours
  • Min/Max deposit today: $0.10 - $5000.00
  • The next limit amount $0.10-$10000.00
  • Commission 50%-10%
  • Fee: 0%
  • Withdraw: Instant
+1000% Hourly
in 69 Hours
  • Min/Max deposit today: $0.10 - $500.00
  • The next limit amount: $0.10 - $1000.00
  • Commission 50%-10%
  • Fee: 0%
  • Withdraw: Instant
  • Min/Max deposit today: N/A-N/A
  • The next limit amount: N/A-N/A
  • Commission 50%-10%
  • Fee: 0%
  • Withdraw: Instant

About Us!

goldbarchina.com LIMITED is a quickly developing trading company that ready to bring you instant income with minimal participation. We are using best trading and investment decisions in order to create the lowest possible risks. That is why we are ready to work with people that have never trade at all.

Some Awesome Words by our vip investors

Earning money with goldbarchina.com has never been so easy


The information on goldbarchina.com is public and clear. You can watch our project grow by the minute.

  Deposit - Withdraw Amount Type
Aug-9-2020 10:19:32 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:19:12 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:18:53 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:18:31 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:18:01 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:17:40 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:17:20 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:16:59 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 10:16:39 PM $500000.00
Aug-9-2020 09:12:55 PM $500000.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to read our FAQs to avoid any misinformation.

We work with payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin.
Press the "Sign in" button, select the "Recover the password" section, specify your login and the email address that you have used when registering. A new password will be sent to your e-mail. Please note, if you used an incorrect email address or "temporary" mail when registering you will can not to restore your account .
If you want to make a deposit you need to enter the "Deposit" page. Select the plan, enter the amount of the replenishment and click "Make Investment". While depositing funds in USD the site of the payment system will be opened and you will need to make a payment. If you want to make a deposit in crypto currency the wallet will be generated for making a deposit in crypto currency. It is necessary to deposit the specified amount to this wallet within 60 minutes. Please note that deposits in the crypto currency are credited after 3 confirmations in the network. We can’t influence the speed of confirmation.
Attempts to hack the site or break the structure of the executed code, attempts to hack the accounts of other users, creating of multiple accounts, inviting of inactive referrals with the help of SEO services and so on, insult and threat when communicating with the administration may be the reason for the account blocking.
Please make sure that :
- Your balance is more than the minimum available on the system.
- You have set up the wallet correctly.
The project has a 2-level affiliate program. Referral reward occurs in the form of funds spent on purchasing power by your referrals. The reward is 8% of the purchase of power by referrals of the 1st level, 2% of the purchase of power by referrals of the 2nd level.
Minimum withdrawal amount: $0.2 - Perfect money, Payeer.
Minimum withdrawal amount: $0.5 - Bitcoin, Litecoin. Dogecoin, ETH.
as of the moment the answer is NO. but we will have charges on every transactions very soon. FREE charges on transactions are part of our promotion.